Activities for Children

Adventure Training Programme

We organize Adventure activities and trips for all our students either on school grounds or arranged outside. Each of our adventure activities promotes educational and personal development in line with the national curriculum of the school. The students are free to volunteer to take part in these adventurous activities held residentially. There are several adventure groups that have been formed in our school to encourage
activities such as Paragliding, Refling, Trekking, Snowsports, Camping, Horse Riding, River Rafting, Archery, etc. Each activity brings team-sprit, better coordination, and thrilling adventures for students to remember for a
lifetime. Such activities provide good information and character building mechanism.

Yoga & Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation and Yoga were introduced to students of kids club school which prepare them for perfect mind-body coordination. If we are all strong, and stable, we can set our sail with any wind in the world that comes along. If we are not strong, we are like leaves in wind. So every day regular transcendental meditation and yoga help them to strengthen their mind-body & thoughts which leads them to greater
happiness and coherence in every area of operations.


There is an in-house Skating rink where children are trained by a coach. Children give skating performance on various occasions like Independence day, Sports day.


A professionally trained coach teaches little children the Korean art of defense. This is an important activity to make children strong in mind and body. Children present their Taekwon-Do skills at each presentation besides participating in competitions.

Dramatization and Role Play

Dramatization of stories and stage plays are organized from time to time to expand the child’s imagination and stimulate his creative expression. Children are then enrolled to create their own stories with the help of the class teachers.

Educational Trips

Educational trips are organized such as Traffic Training, Technology Park, Museum, Buildings & Monuments of Historical Importance, Big Bazaar, Mother Dairy, Parle Jee, Marble Mines & Eco Village tour, etc.

Picnic & Excursions

Children are taken on fun-filled outings and field trips to farmhouses, Zoo, Funcity, Children’s Park and Railway Museum etc. every quarter.


Every quarter, children demonstrate skills acquired in that period in front of their parents,
enabling them to understand the growth and level of development of their child. Feedback at the end of the presentation helps the teachers to work towards better performance


To further explore the hidden potential of the child, regular competitions are held which boost the confidence of the children, instill in them a healthy spirit of competition and remove stage fright.

Skating Ring

The school has a well-designed skating ring where
children are trained by a professional coach.

Dramatization and Role Play

This room is beautifully decorated with large cutouts of animals, flowers, and cartoon characters so that new children enjoy and get attracted
to their first school. New joiners are welcomed in this room for the initial days till they become comfortable. Special activities to engross them and develop a relationship with the team.


Major I.J. Sinha Award for Best Boy Student & Mrs. Raja Sinha Award for Best Girt Student and Mrs. Kanti Vijai Singh Award for 100% attendance, has been given every year with a cash prize, memento & Citation shield. Besides this 21 Awards are being given to students in different disciplines & areas of activities.