Presidents Message

  • President,
  • Kids Club Foundation

Dear Parents,

We are heading towards the 21st century which claims that India is marching to become one of the leading countries that will lead the world in the coming decade, which is only possible if we educate our child especially girl child, who constitute almost 50% of our population. Educating girls is the first and only step that will lead to creating an environment for Women’s Empowerment at large.

We aim to create an educational environment that is not just theory-based but covers all the developmental areas of a human being. According to my, a child is said to be educated when he or she has theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, and most importantly, the child should be able to apply his or her knowledge.

Education is incomplete without blends of spirituality. We provide education with an aim to educate students in such a way that they develop a pinch of spirituality blended in cultural and moral values so that their mind is trained to easily differentiate between right and wrong.

We have taken a step forward to encourage a class and complete education in various sectors of our society in a pocket-friendly fee structure so that the quality and quantity of completely educated students is enhanced nationwide.

In order to achieve this, we have introduced all the various types of extra curriculum that can reach out to the students for motivation to study and to fly high in this world of competition.

In the coming years we are planning to open more technical and professional institutions for women.
With Best Wishes